Restoring legacy analog master recordings requires an immense attention to detail.  It requires the proper audio tape recovery system, repair to damaged splice joints, sensitivity to alignment issues, implementing correct noise reduction systems, and transfer with the most musical and transparent audio path auditioned.

Many times we’re able to recover more music than thought possible from sources, whether they are reels, cassettes, or even vinyl records if the original master tapes can no longer be found.

If we have original reel to reel master tapes to transfer and master from, we use our custom Studer A820 transport married to modified Ampex 102 reproduction electronics.  The best combination of gentle tape handling and punched-up high fidelity.

We’ve done catalog work for artists as diverse as Isaac Hayes, Bob Marley, Liz Phair, Serge Gainsbourg, Sixto Rodriguez, Jackson C. Frank, and the JBs.

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