Elysian Masters is now offering vinyl record mastering via our completely refurbished Neumann VMS66 vinyl cutting lathe with upgraded discrete electronics.  The system is comprised of:


  • Neumann VMS66 lathe

  • VG66 electronics rack

  • SX68 head

  • Modern DJR pitch computer (updated Zuma electronics)

  • Grimm TPR cabling

  • Bricasti M1 DAC

  • ATC SCM20 monitors

  • Ampex 601b monitors


This is a modernized and restored example of the same 1966 lathe that cut the coveted early Led Zeppelin records.  It was the last model where Neumann used discrete electronics before changing over to integrated circuits in the audio path.  Now updated in 2017 with a modern disk computer system and various electronic improvements, it outperforms in terms of soundstage, frequency response, and perceived depth.

Elysian Masters dedicated lacquering engineer Philip Rodriguez makes even the most difficult to cut records sound full of dimension, punch and clarity.



If you need to get your mastered record cut to vinyl, or are having work that Dave mastered cut to vinyl, please click the link below to receive a quote and schedule a date.